Descendants of Benjamin Butler

Last updated on 26 March 2007

Generation No. 1

1. Benjamin1 Butler was born in Ireland. He married Female McDonald.

Children of Benjamin Butler and Female McDonald are:

+ 2 i. Henry2 Butler, born 28 Mar 1855 in IL; died 1907 in Mustang, OK.

3 ii. Isabella Butler.

+ 4 iii. Female Butler.

Generation No. 2

2. Henry2 Butler (Benjamin1) was born 28 Mar 1855 in IL, and died 1907 in Mustang, OK. He married Joann Almira Roche 07 May 1881, daughter of David Roche and Catherine Whetstine.

Children of Henry Butler and Joann Roche are:

+ 5 i. Mamie Agnes3 Butler, born 01 Nov 1882 in Morrowville, KS; died Aft. 1959 in OK.

6 ii. John Henry Butler, born 31 Jan 1884 in Washington Co., KS; died 1954 in Sallisaw, OK.

+ 7 iii. Angela Mabel Butler, born 06 Aug 1886.

+ 8 iv. Rosella Adell Butler, born 14 Aug 1888.

9 v. Stella Madge Butler, born 17 May 1890.

10 vi. Donald Herbert Butler, born 29 Sep 1894.

+ 11 vii. Gilbert Clark Butler, born 28 Sep 1896 in El Reno, OK; died Bef. 1958.

+ 12 viii. William Hamlin Butler, born 17 Mar 1898; died Bef. 1956.

4. Female2 Butler (Benjamin1). She married Dan Jones.

Notes for Dan Jones:

Civil War veteran. Prisoner at Andersonville, GA.

Child of Female Butler and Dan Jones is:

13 i. Marshall3 Jones.

Generation No. 3

5. Mamie Agnes3 Butler (Henry2, Benjamin1) was born 01 Nov 1882 in Morrowville, KS, and died Aft. 1959 in OK. She married Jesse McClellan Meloy 29 Sep 1901 in El Reno, OK (Indian Territory), son of Ezra Meloy and Sarah Hacker.

Notes for Mamie Agnes Butler:

Went to the University of Oklahoma during the summer of 1916. Took nine hours of credit.

In August 1918, she was living with her sister in Bartlesville, OK., but do not know which one.

On Jun 1922, a letter of recommendation said she had been one of the best teachers Weatherford, Oklahoma had ever had. Reported to have been a "splendid Sunday School teacher."

May 1925: Had been employed for nearly two years in the insurance department of the American Insurance Company in Bartlesville, OK. Reported to have been an "efficient stenographer, bookkeeper, and a lady of superior educational attainment."

1925-1927: Bookkeeper, secretary and inside assistant to the Superintendant of the State Training School for Boys, at Pauls Valley, OK.

On 11 Feb 1928, Mr. Scott Ferris of the Southwestern States Oil Corp wrote in a letter "To Whom it May Concern" that "The bearer of this letter, Mrs. J. M. Meloy, of Paul's Valley Oklahoma is a teacher in the training school of the state of Oklahoma here in Pauls Valley. She is a graduate of the South Western State Teacher's Normal School, Class of 1921. She is also a member of the "American Association of University Women, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Also a member of "Business and Women's Professional Club of Pauls Valley. Member of the Methodist Church, South, Pauls Valley. She is a highly cultured Christian woman, well worthy of confidence and respect everywhere."

Aug 1943-May 1944: Was employed by the Army Force as a clerk typist at Tinker Army Air Force Base. May have continued to work for AAF until May 1946, but do not know for certain.

30 Aug 1946: Reduction in Force. She had been working since at least May 1946 for U. S. Navy as a clerk (records) in Norman, OK., in NAVPERSEPCEN (Naval Personnel Separation Center).

Mamie Meloy was a proliferate writer of poetry. We have an extensive collection of her poems, many of which were prize winners in various Oklahoma literary contests. She was published in several different magazines and collections of poetry. She published a private collection of her poetry, a copy of which is in the custody of Sarah Inbody Flowers.

Marriage Notes for Mamie Butler and Jesse Meloy:

Mamie and Jesse Meloy married at the farm home at El Reno, OK. on 29 Sep 1901. They divorced on 23 Jun 1939.

Children of Mamie Butler and Jesse Meloy are:

14 i. Marjorie Ruth4 Meloy, born 14 Jul 1905 in Timberlake, near Helena, OK; died 04 Jul 1992 in Salem, OR. She married Earl George Inbody 15 Nov 1924 in Arkansas City, KS.

Notes for Marjorie Ruth Meloy:

Schools attended: Weatherford, OK, Oklahoma City, Bartlesville, OK. Finished junior college course at Bartlesville, OK. Teacher. Married Earl George Inbody of Hardy, OK, at Arkansas City. Lived at Tarkio, MO., Lake Charles, LA., and in Kansas City, MO.

Member of Methodist Episcopal Church. Active in womens church organizations, girls club and Camp Fire and Girl Scouts. Sunday School Superintendant, Head of womens activities. Mamie Meloy, her mother, wrote, "It makes me tired to recall and record the things she does," and called her an "organizer and planner".

Notes for Earl George Inbody:

Employed at processing plant of the Country Club dairy in Kansas City during the mid 1940s. Owned a home at 7008 Walrond St., Kansas City, MO.

Died with Parkinson's disease

Marriage Notes for Marjorie Meloy and Earl Inbody:

Married at the Arkansas City, Kansas, house of Nellie Viola (Inbody) Ruf, Earl's sister.

15 ii. Jesse Henry Meloy, born 09 Sep 1907 in Cloud Chief, OK. He married Jessie Lee LaRue in Canadian Co., OK.

Notes for Jesse Henry Meloy:

Schools he attended were Weatherford, Oklahoma City, and Bartlesville, OK, where he finished High School. He worked for Case implement company all his life in machine parts.

16 iii. Halstead Ezra Meloy, born 03 May 1911 in Weatherford, OK. He married (1) Tommy Rowland in Oklahoma City, OK. He married (2) Dolores Unknown Dec 1954.

7. Angela Mabel3 Butler (Henry2, Benjamin1) was born 06 Aug 1886. She married Cash Hostetter 05 Jun 1909 in Canadian Co., OK.

Children of Angela Butler and Cash Hostetter are:

17 i. Esther Ruth4 Hostetter, born 16 Mar 1911.

18 ii. Glen Cassius Hostetter.

Notes for Glen Cassius Hostetter:

Died at age of 12 years (from letter written to Mamie Meloy by Mabel (Butler) Hostetter dated 16 Jul 1956

19 iii. John Henry Hostetter.

Notes for John Henry Hostetter:

Died at age 2 years. From letter to Mamie Meloy by Mabel (Butler) Hostetter, dated 16 Jul 1956

20 iv. Orville Deam Hostetter, born 27 Jul 1916.

21 v. Leon Woodrow Hostetter.

Notes for Leon Woodrow Hostetter:

Lived only 4 months. From letter to Mamie Meloy from Mabel (Butler) Hostetter, dated 16 Jul 1956


8. Rosella Adell3 Butler (Henry2, Benjamin1) was born 14 Aug 1888. She married Arthur White in El Reno, OK.

Child of Rosella Butler and Arthur White is:

22 i. Gilbert4 White.

11. Gilbert Clark3 Butler (Henry2, Benjamin1) was born 28 Sep 1896 in El Reno, OK, and died Bef. 1958. He married Frances Unknown.

Children of Gilbert Butler and Frances Unknown are:

23 i. Frances4 Butler, born 15 Jul 1938.

24 ii. Villa Butler. He married Margorie Unknown.

12. William Hamlin3 Butler (Henry2, Benjamin1) was born 17 Mar 1898, and died Bef. 1956.

Child of William Hamlin Butler is:

25 i. James4 Butler.